Thieve's World

The party continues...........

So far, the party started out in Sanctuary, meeting a talking dog, an unsavoury character named Ahmed [who sold them some kit at exorbitant profit] and various ruffians who usually tried to hit them over the head and ‘relieve’ them of said kit. Dogg met an early demise trying to persuade a surly pair of gate guards into letting them into the bazaar in the early hours. Dogg is now a skeleton, picked clean by the crocs outside the city walls. Eventually, Dogg’s brother [Hogg] turned up; whereupon the party took a mission from the Governor of Sanctuary to Liberty. Travelling by sea, Tom Droop Eye gained some interesting dice in a game with some old sea-dogs. Various adventures befell them until, arriving at Liberty, they took a new task from the Governor of Liberty City-looking into the spread of a highly addictive new drug-Slyss-which was being pushed by the Kurunath Syndicate. Coraline, a reluctant agent [her brother Feldo was being held by the Syndicate] pointed them in the direction of her brutal contact; following a rather botched attempt at night to eradicate his ‘cell’ of Wererats, Hogg was bitten-leading to him waking up in various seedy back alleys; naked, covered in gore and with that starnge taste of raw meat in his mouth. Tom Droop-Eye meanwhile had gained the trust of the gutter kids, giving him a good line of information.Tom also gained a rather persistent and nasty living tattoo-the end result of which caused him to have his arm cut off in desperation. The party, following Spendi the guttersnipe under the city, found the Syndicate’s base-and it’s leader-a very nasty and powerful half dragon/elf called Sillisistrand. Outgunned, the party retreated under the task of subverting the Liberty Governor by the half dragon.

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